Kurdish Doctor Killed in Mexico
Thursday, 09 January 2014 07:29
Kurdish Doctor Killed in Mexico
A well-known Kurdish doctor who was living in Germany but traveled

to Mexico for the New Year holiday has been shot by gangs in the bazaar and passed away two days later.


Dr. Ahmed Basira was originally from Suleimaniyah. After the failure of the Kurdish revolution against the Iraqi regime in 1975, he decided to travel to Europe with his wife and settled permanently.


Basira studied Dentistry and was able to finish it successfully. Ultimately he was officially permitted to open his own dental clinic in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Basira lived in Europe for almost 40 years and was well-respected as a kind man known for retaining strong Kurdish ties and traditions.


He often talked about his desire to establish a specialist dental health system in Kurdistan.


Whilst traveling in Mexico with his wife for the New Year holiday, Basira was shot and critically injured by a gang in the bazaar. He passed away two days later.


According to local media reports, in the center of the city a Mexican gang attempted to steal the necklace of Basira’s wife and shot him during the confrontation. After the shooting, the gang fled and remains at large.


The Kurdish diaspora in Germany have lost a famous doctor, well known for his professionalism and love of Kurdish culture.

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