Kurdish Language To Be Used In All Official Establishments In Iraq
Thursday, 09 January 2014 07:20
Kurdish Language To Be Used In All Official Establishments In Iraq
Today, the Iraqi parliament passed a draft law officially recognizes the Kurdish language.

The majority vote states that Kurdish will be used as well as Arabic in all governmental and official establishments.


“This is a remarkable achievement for Kurds. Although Kurdish is officially recognized as the second language of Iraq in the constitution, there are no articles mentioned in the constitution about implementation,” spokesman of the Kurdistan Alliance, Moayad Tayib, told BasNews.


“From now on, the central government of Iraq has to translate all official statements and letters into Kurdish, and it is the central government’s duty to find a translator for any Kurdish people in Iraq in case they want to talk in their native tongue [Kurdish],” added Tayib.


Tayib also pointed out that this draft law will be an encouragement for Kurdish people in the other parts of Kurdistan to push their governments to recognize Kurdish in their countries.


“We have also supported other ethnic minorities in Iraq to achieve the right to speak their own native language as well as to be used in official establishments in Iraq,” concluded Tayib.

‌ • Writer:Bestun Kakayi
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