Sattari’s family Terror Report to British Foreign Secretary
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 07:04
Sattari’s family Terror Report to British Foreign Secretary
  Report from the UK: This report will be submitted to the British government from

Network Movement for asylum (Units Europe) when four Iranian International lawyers in Europe ( Doctor.Maryam Karimi fromFrance).(Doctor.Nader Behrang from Germany).(Doctor Mohammad Mohammadi from Belgium).(Mrs.Elham Saberi from Oxford, UK)are at the International filing on terror of father of Sattari’s family and with efforts of this Iranian activists in the International arena makes (William Hague) British Foreign Secretary, To personally talk with the Secretary-General (Ban. Kyi. Ban) on terror of father of this family and pressure of the regim on their children and Their innocent spouse (Nasrin Alizadeh ).And acceptance of their refugee status by the UNHCR turkey must be done. And their case to be sent to a third country (United States of America) or one of the democratic European countries.

Text of the International report :

With Greetings

Addressing to the powerful state of Great Britain and British Foreign Secretary(William Hague), recently a delegation from the Iranian refugee rights Ing to the discussion with you and Mrs. Catherine Ashton (Responsible for the Europe Union foreign policy), Right now on Terror of ( Saber Sattari) We're planning on a Special Complaint and we want from UK senior and other European officials talk to UNHCR (Ankara-Turker) for emergency exit of this family (Been oppressed by the Iranian regime). And we want to admit them as refugees from (UNHCR)and we want from European and U.S. officials to take Immediate action for their Emergency exit from Turkey to Democratic countries of Europe or the United States of America till (Nasrin Alizadeh) and her children would be safe from Islamic terrorists range.

Eyes of ( Saman , Samrand, Saro, Nasrin Alizadeh ) followed by the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague human reactions and other prominent figures in the world.

with respect

Iranian refugee rights

Network of refugee movement in Turkey

(In collaboration with the International Federation of Iranian Refugees)

File number of this family members:

Nasrin Alizadeh


Saman Sattari


Samrand Sattari


Saro Sattari


This report has been sent to the following organizations:

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

UN Special Reporter

UN Special Reporter on Human Rights

Amnesty International

President of the International bar Association

High Commissioner for Human Rights, Europe Union

Israel and Germany syndicate


Persian Report:
















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