Seven Iraqi Kurds rape Syrian Kurdish refugee
Thursday, 09 January 2014 07:32
Seven Iraqi Kurds rape Syrian Kurdish refugee
Early on Tuesday evening, seven Iraqi Kurdish youth from Erbil kidnapped and raped a 16-year-old Syrian Kurdish girl.

The girl, who came to Iraqi Kurdistan from Syrian Kurdistan and worked in a mall in Erbil, had left work when the attackers abducted her in a white colored car.


According to sources close to the case, three men kidnapped the girl and took her to an unknown location outskirt of Erbil.


When they reached the location, they were joined by four more men and the girl was raped multiple times. When the attackers saw a light approaching, they fled the scene leaving the girl there.


Syrian Kurds across the Kurdistan region are outraged by the incident and there were plans for widespread protests in Erbil on Wednesday, but the demonstrations did not take place.


A Kurdish social expert believes the people who attacked and raped the victim are mentally incapacitated.


“These incidents will have a negative effect on society and the Kurdish authorities should arrest those who were involved as soon as a possible,’ said Kurdish social expert Shivan Ismael.


Erbil police told BasNews that the case of the Syrian girl was taken on by the Kurdish security forces who are investigating the matter, but so far none of the attackers have been arrested.


‌ • Writer:Mohammad Dargalayi
 • Source: BasNews (Erbil):‌
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